Chair: Bill Wagner, Beloit Fire Dept.


Requirements for membership for the Chaplains Section shall require Chaplains to be Associate Members of the WSFCA.


The Chaplains Section shall be governed by a board of directors of not less than 5 members. The board of directors shall consist of two co-chairs, a secretary/treasurer, and a minimum of two directors at large. Each shall serve one year terms and be elected at the sections annual meeting to be held in conjunction with the WSFCA Annual Conference. There are no term limits. Election shall be by simple majority of members present. A quorum of the section board shall be 3. The section shall have the ability to develop section policy and procedures subject to legal review and approval of the WSFCA Board of Directors. Web/eMail voting and elections shall be in concert with WSFCA Bylaws and Policy.

Reporting Relationships

  1. The Chaplains Section shall be directly responsible to the Board of Directors of the WSFCA and shall report to President of the Association or his designee.
  2. All financial transactions will be handled by the Business Manager of the WSFCA.
  3. The Chaplains Section shall follow all WSFCA policies and procedures.

Level of Dependence

The Chaplains Section membership is strictly volunteer, with no financial or administrative resources. This Section is consistent with the WSFCA Strategic plan and requests that we are a Dependent Core Mission Section.

Scope of Support

The WSFCA will provide the following support for the Chaplains Section.

  1. Daily administration on an as needed basis.
  2. Website page for section information and document sharing.
  3. The WSFCA will provide a conference booth at its annual conference.
  4. Financial recordkeeping and electronic document storage.
  5. Administrative support for educational offerings and registrations.
  6. Maintain a list of members.
  7. Provide travel and expense reimbursement for section activities with prior endorsement and approval of the WSFCA Board Executive Committee.

WSFCA Performance Expectations for Section


To provide spiritual strength to the Fire Service in Wisconsin.


To promote the establishment of chaplaincy programs for all fire departments in Wisconsin through recruitment, education, program development, and emergency response support.

  1. Recruitment and Retention of Fire Department Chaplains Membership.
  2. Chaplaincy Program Development.
  3. Education of Chief Fire Officers and Fire Chaplains on Program Subject Matter.
  4. Support of LAST Responses and Association Membership Funerals.
  5. Support the accomplishment of strategic initiatives for the section.
  6. Advise the WSFCA Board of Directors on subject matter expertise.
  7. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the President of the WSFCA and or the WSFCA Board of Directors.