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Requirements for membership for the MABAS Section shall require MABAS Wisconsin to be an Associate Member of the WSFCA.


The MABAS Section shall be governed by the MABAS organization's constitution and by-laws.

Reporting Relationships

  1. The MABAS Section shall be directly responsible to the Board of Directors of the WSFCA and shall report to President of the Association or his designee.
  2. All relevant financial transactions will be handled by the Business Manager of the WSFCA.
  3. The MABAS Section shall follow all WSFCA policies and procedures.

Level of Dependence

The MABAS Section membership is strictly independent, with limited financial or administrative resources. This Section is consistent with the WSFCA Strategic plan and requests that MABAS Wisconsin is an Independent Core Mission Section.

Scope of Support

The WSFCA will provide the following support for the MABAS Section.

  1. Website page for section information and document sharing.
  2. The WSFCA will provide a conference booth at its annual conference.
  3.  Administrative support for educational offerings and registrations.
  4. Provide travel and expense reimbursement for section activities with prior endorsement and approval of the WSFCA Board Executive Committee.

WSFCA Performance Expectations for Section


The Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) is a nationally recognized mutual aid system that will be implemented throughout the state of Wisconsin to provide a seamless response plan of unlimited resources to ensure that every community is protected in case of an emergency.


MABAS Wisconsin is the organization that promotes the development, implementation, and sustainment of the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) within the state of Wisconsin.

  1. Recognize the interdependent relationship between the WSFCA and MABAS Wisconsin which allows the WSFCA to be the advocacy group and MABAS Wisconsin the operational group.
  2. Recognize that that MABAS Wisconsin is responsible for the movement of Fire and EMS assets consistent with the Wisconsin Fire Service Emergency Response Plan.
  3. Develop a strategic partnership that allows for the drafting of a subordinate strategic plan.
  4. Build organizational commitment and leadership for all stakeholder groups.
  5. Develop management systems, processes, policies and oversight to proper working of system.
  6. Recruit and maintain MABAS membership.
  7. Provide ongoing training for MABAS operations.
  8. Advise the WSFCA Board of Directors on subject matter expertise.
  9. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the President of the WSFCA and or the WSFCA Board of Directors.
  10. Appoint a Liaison to the WSFCA Board of Directors.