Safety Leadership Award

During the 2015 WSFCA Conference in Milwaukee, the Safety Section announced the creation of a new award for safety leadership.  This award was designed to encourage safe practices and a progressive safety mindset in the Wisconsin fire service, and to create a platform to share best practices.  The goal of this award is to be able to recognize significant improvements in safety at the local fire department level, for departments of all structures and sizes. 

Has a neighboring department made a big improvement to their safety standards over the last year?  Maybe even your own department?  This award is a unique opportunity for our association to recognize them for their hard work, and even more importantly, credit them with keeping firefighters safe.

Following nationally recognized criteria for improving safety, the WSFCA Safety Section’s Safety Leadership Award supports the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation (NFFF) and United States Fire Administration (USFA) initiatives to reduce firefighter injuries and Line of Duty Deaths (LODDs).  This award will be presented annually at the WSFCA conference.

Selection Criteria:  In order to receive the Safety Leadership Award, the department must have experienced a significant and verifiable effort to improve firefighter safety during the past year.  Efforts should be aligned to at least one of the NFFF’s 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives.  The comprehensive nature of the safety program will be evaluated during the selection process, as well as the individual departmental impact of the efforts.

Examples of efforts that would represent strong candidates include (but are not limited to):

  1.   Evidence of significant cultural change within a department.
  2.   Improvement and increase in training and certification levels.
  3.   Improvement of response policies based on state and national standards.
  4.   Championing public education as a critical fire and life safety program, advocacy of code enforcement, and home fire sprinklers.
  5.   Programs and processes providing psychological support to firefighters and families.
  6.   Implementation of technology to improve firefighter safety.
  7.   Improving driver/operator training and safe vehicle operations, including zero collisions or vehicle related incidents during the past year.
  8.   Improving personal and organizational accountability for health and safety.
  9.   Integration of risk management with incident management.

Eligibility:  Applications must be made on behalf of a fire and emergency services organization, by a member of the organization, or by another individual familiar with the organization and safety effort.  The application must be signed by a chief officer of the organization.

Application Process:  Applications for the Safety Leadership Award will be solicited in advance of the WSFCA conference in a call for applications, and evaluated by the WSFCA Safety Section membership.  The selected award winner will receive the award at the annual WSFCA conference, presented to representatives of the department.

Application Deadline:  All applications must be submitted by April 1, 2018 to be considered.

Please, join WSFCA and the Safety Section in this effort to recognize all of those good efforts taking place!

Click here to download the application