Volunteer and Combination Officers (VCOS)


Requirements for membership for the Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs Association (WSFCA) Volunteer and Combination Officers Section (VCOS) shall require WSFCA membership or associate membership.

The membership of the Volunteer and Combination Officers Section shall be limited to Fire Chiefs, Chief Officers, and Fire Officers of any City, Village, Town, or Fire Protection Jurisdiction within the boundaries of the state that lead & manage operational & non-operational volunteers, paid-on-call, part-time and career personnel within a volunteer and/or combination Fire, Rescue or EMS delivery system. As long as any City, Village, Town or Fire Protection Jurisdiction maintains a Fire Chief, Chief Officer, or Fire Officer meeting this criteria, that individual shall by virtue of that position, be considered a member of this organization.


WSFCA VCOS shall initially be governed by a board of directors consisting of one appointed representative from each of the Wisconsin Emergency Management regions of the State of Wisconsin. These appointed directors will determine the roles, organization and structure necessary for the WSFCA VCOS board of directors in preparation for an initial election. At the 2016 WSFCA Conference, the members of WSFCA VCOS will meet to elect the board of directors based on these roles, organization, and structure. The subsequently elected WSFCA VCOS board will then draft by-laws for the WSFCA VCOS section.

Reporting Relationships

  1. The VCOS Section shall be directly responsible to the members of the VCOS and shall be represented by the VCOS board of directors.
  2. The VCOS chair or designee shall from time to time attend WSFCA Board Meetings at the request of the WSFCA President or Designee, and shall communicate activities to the WSFCA Board that serve our parallel constituencies.
  3. The VCOS Section shall be a critical partner in fire service leadership maintaining decision autonomy and independence for issues within the VCOS. 
  4. The VCOS Section Budget and Books will remain independent of the WSFCA Budget.
  5. The VCOS Section will provide a financial report and a report of activities to the WSFCA membership at its annual business meeting. 

Scope of Support

The WSFCA will provide the following support for the VCOS Section.

  1. All financial transactions will be handled by the Business Manager or designee of the WSFCA as authorized by the Officers of the VCOS.
  2. VCOS financial bookkeeping will be performed by the Business Manager of the WSFCA as authorized by the Secretary/Treasurer of the VCOS.
  3. The WSFCA shall include the VCOS in sponsorship packages to sponsors of the WSFCA.
  4. The VCOS shall provide exclusive access to WSFCA sponsor vendors at its educational offerings to its membership.
  5. The proceeds from the sponsorships will be used to augment VCOS educational offerings, cover WSFCA expenses for supporting the VCOS Section, and establish VCOS participation at the annual Congressional Fire Service Institute.
  6. The WSFCA will provide online registration for VCOS Conferences.
  7. The WSFCA will provide online post-conference evaluations for the VCOS Conferences.
  8. The WSFCA Membership directory will have a section for VCOS Membership contacts.
  9. The WSFCA will provide a VCOS Section membership information page on its website.
  10. The WSFCA will have permission to use the VCOS logo where appropriate to accomplish the conditions of this partnership.
  11. The WSFCA will provide a VCOS Section List Serve.
  12. The WSFCA will provide a section for a VCOS article in the quarterly magazine.
  13. The WSFCA Business office will provide support for the Annual VCOS Survey.
  14. The WSFCA will provide the VCOS Section a conference booth at its annual conference.
  15. Administrative support for educational offerings and online registrations.
  16. Maintain a list of members. WSFCA Performance Expectations for Section


The WSFCA Volunteer and Combination Officers Section is an invaluable resource to the modern volunteer Fire Chief, Chief Officer, and Fire Officer. WSFCA VCOS provides networking, professional development, and progressive skill building to advance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of volunteer professionals and assist leaders in maintaining dynamic organizations facing critical challenges.


The WSFCA Volunteer and Combination Officers Section brings volunteer Fire Chiefs, Chief Officers, and Fire Officers together for the purposes of professional development and education, promotion of the volunteer fire service, improved recruitment and retention, and to further the mission, vision, and goals of the Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs Association.

2015-16 GOALS

  1. To establish the WSFCA VCOS Section.
  2. To create an initial board of directors, represented by the Wisconsin Emergency Management regions in the State of Wisconsin, and hold the first election for board of directors positions.
  3. To provide a forum to freely discuss current issues affecting volunteer fire service leaders, and valuable networking opportunities.
  4. To provide an information conduit to member chiefs with problems and concerns in their local jurisdiction, which draws from the experience and diversity of the membership.
  5. To provide a unified voice on issues within federal, state, and local legislative bodies. 


  1. Evaluate and develop recommendation for the membership on becoming a section of the WSFCA by the Spring 2015 conference.
  2. Recruitment and retention of VCOS membership.
  3. Establish appointed VCOS board of directors until election for board members takes place.
  4. Establish a regular VCOS event and annual operating plan.
  5. Advise the WSFCA Board of Directors on subject matter expertise.
  6. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the President of the WSFCA and or the WSFCA Board of Directors.