2000-2001 Strategic Plan

Mission Statement:

  • Establish an environment and provide opportunities for emergency service and related professionals to network.
  • Provide political advocacy and leadership.
  • Provide emergency service related information and educational opportunities to and for the membership.
  • Provide members with fellowship opportunities.


 Adoption of a Nationally Recognized Fire and Building Code for the State of Wisconsin - The current method for development of fire codes in the State of Wisconsin is inconsistent with other states in the Mid-west and other regions of the United States and does not offer an acceptable level of fire safety. It is the intent of the WSFCA to pursue NFPA 1 as the fire code for the State of Wisconsin.

  1. Continue the ongoing participation with the Department of Commerce for adoption of NFPA 1 as the model fire code for the State of Wisconsin.
  2. Continue to have WSFCA representatives work with the Coalition, Fire Safety Code Council, Commercial Building Code Council, and Multi-Family Dwelling Code Council for adoption of NFPA 1

Organizational Development:

The Constitution and By-laws is the founding document for the WSFCA. In order for the WSFCA to continue and fulfill its mission as defined above, it will be necessary to periodically review this document to determine its effectiveness and efficiency.

  1. Continue the work of the task force in reviewing the effectiveness and efficiency of the offices for the president, first vice president, second president, and their respective terms of office.
  2. Review and recommend changes in the Constitution and By-laws of the WSFCA to the membership.
  3. Conduct a membership survey to evaluate the effectiveness and management of the WSFCA.

Educational & Networking Opportunities:

Chiefing "101" has been conducted every other year since 1997 to enhance educational opportunities & networking for new fire chiefs in the State of Wisconsin.

  1. The president shall appoint an individual to plan, organize, and facilitate a "Chiefing 101" Conference to be held in January of 2001.
  2. Provide in conjunction with the Fire Chiefs' Education Association a labor/management seminar to educate our membership in the area of grievance/contact arbitration and contract negotiations.

Educational and Networking Opportunities:

With the popular and effective utilization of computerized networking and message center, the WSFCA will continue the development of the Association's web site for critical information sharing and Board member e-mail contacts.

  1. Continue the development of the Association's web site and electronic information center.

Legislative Activities:

With the passage of the LOSAP legislation the Association must continue to work with the Department of Commerce and legislature to complete the details of this legislation.

  1. Work with the office of the Governor for the appointment of officials to the Volunteer Fire Fighter and Emergency Medical Technician Service Awards Board.
  2. Assist this Board in the promulgation of rules for the completion of this program.