2003-2004 Strategic Plan

Mission Statement:

  • Establish an environment and provide opportunities for emergency service and related professionals to network.
  • Provide political advocacy and leadership.
  • Provide emergency service related information and educational opportunities to and for the membership.
  • Provide members with fellowship opportunities.

Annual Conference:

 The annual conference provides the WSFCA the best opportunity for providing its membership with educational programs and to communicate and receive information. The following objectives are designed to enhance this and support the overall mission of the organization.

  1. Evaluate the structure of the annual conference format to meet the educational needs of the membership.
  2. Increase and maximize the vendor membership contact.
  3. Identify site locations for conference years 2007 & 2008.

Political Advocacy and Leadership / Educational Opportunities:

As our Wisconsin fire chiefs has learned, our departments' roles have expanded well beyond fire suppression. The most meaningful impact to have on our communities is to prevent injuries and fires from carelessness. To that end, the following steps should be taken to ensure proper public education. The Department of Public Instruction adopted NFPA's Learn Not To Burn curriculum in 1997 and Risk Watch in 1998.

  1. A special task force or the Fire Prevention Committee shall investigate the statewide use of both NFPA curriculums.
  2. Based on the results of the "use" study, methods will be determined to help educate local fire departments toward the effective use of prevention curriculum in our local schools.