2004-2005 Strategic Plan

Mission Statement:

  • Establish an environment and provide opportunities for emergency service and related professionals to network.
  • Provide political advocacy and leadership.
  • Provide emergency service related information and educational opportunities to and for the membership.
  • Provide members with fellowship opportunities.

Organizational Development:

 The Mission Statement of the WSFCA was designed to be the driving force toward a focus of organizational priorities. As such, the Mission Statement of the Organization should be periodically reviewed to keep the organization on track with membership.

  1. Re-evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the current offices of the organization and the respective terms.
  2. Review and recommend any needed changes or updates to the Constitution and By-Laws.
  3. Review the Role and Responsibilities Guideline and make appropriate recommendations for the needed updates and modernization.

Educational and Networking Opportunities:

Chiefing 101 has been conducted every other year since 1997 to enhance educational opportunities and networking for new Fire Chiefs in the State of Wisconsin.

  1. The President shall appoint an individual to plan, organize, and facilitate a “Chiefing 101” Conference to be held in January of 2005.
  2. Evaluate whether the conference shall be continued in the future and if continued what topics shall be covered.

Legislative Activities:

Previous years work and focus has concentrated on the creation and passage of a Length of Service Awards Program (LOSAP) for volunteer fire fighters and EMT's.

  1. Monitor and review the effectiveness of the state volunteer pension program.
  2. Monitor volunteer fire fighter recruitment and retention statistics.