2006-2007 Strategic Plan

Mission Statement:

  • Establish an environment and provide opportunities for emergency service and related professionals to network.
  • Provide political advocacy and leadership.
  • Provide emergency service related information and educational opportunities to and for the membership.
  • Provide members with fellowship opportunities.

Organizational Development:

The WSFCA is a member driven organization, currently with 50% to 55% of all Wisconsin Fire Departments represented.  To complete the association’s strategic plan’s mission statement in education, development and legislative activities, 80% - 85% of all Wisconsin Fire Departments need to be represented.  The following objectives are designed to accomplish this mission.

  1. Establish a district system where by board members are elected from geographic districts in the state. (Board of Directors)
  2. Partnership with other fire service associations to merge associate memberships.  (President)
  3. Establish a membership retention and new membership goal of 85% by 2008 conference.  (2nd Vice President)

Educational and Networking Opportunities:

The WSFCA has partnered with other fire and emergency service organizations to develop and deliver education and networking opportunities.

  1. The President shall appoint an individual to plan, organize, and facilitate a “Chiefing 101” Conference to be held in January of 2005.
  2. Evaluate whether the conference shall be continued in the future and if continued what topics shall be covered.

Legislative Activities:

Previous years work and focus has concentrated on the creation and passage of a Length of Service Awards Program (LOSAP) for volunteer fire fighters and EMTs.

  1. Establish a formal working relationship with the Wisconsin Fire Chiefs Secretaries Association. (President)
  2. Establish a secretary’s information network that can be used by all state fire chiefs.  (President WSFCA and President WFCSA)
  3. Promote membership in WFCSA to all secretaries, full and part time. (1st Vice President)

Organizational Development:

Financial solvency is the key to a successful association, especially when that association is politically active in fire code development, standards development and State and Federal legislative issues.

  1. Establish a financial goal to be obtained by 2007. (Secretary / Treasurer)
  2. Develop a strategy to obtain that goal.  (Secretary / Treasurer)
  3. Increase profit line for Chief’s Corner by 50%.  Develop a plan for year round income (mail orders).  (Secretary / Treasurer / Chief Corner Chief)
  4. Expand on conference rotation at indoor facilities that is in 2006 strategic goal to increase the profit line.  (Board)