2009-2010 Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs’ Association to:

(a) Establish an environment and provide opportunities for emergency service and related professionals to network.

(b) Provide political advocacy and leadership.

(c) Provide emergency service related information and educational opportunities to and for the membership.


1) Increase Legislative Program Effectiveness

  • Identify regional representatives to be conduits (work through County Fire Service organizations)
  • Name a Legislative Committee Co-Chair
  • Link each department with its elected officials
  • Create legislative agenda/talking points and post to website
  • Hold a legislative day with Coalition and have legislators speak at event

2) Website Enhancements

  • Implement web-based membership directory/database (ability to identify county organization membership, other special interests), uploadable documents archive, online registration and dues payments, and forum.
  • Implement Avectra system (www.avectra.com)

3) Local & Regional Outreach

  • Create Outreach Committee (consider if this should be the Membership Committee)
  • Identify county chiefs' organizations and develop benefits:
    • list in magazine
    • opportunity to meet at WSFCA convention
    • provide speakers & education at local meetings
    • develop county organization grant program
  • Develop members' speakers bureau (include members with expertise)
  • Expand educational offerings
    • Hold programs in regions
    • Identify education for volunteer departments
    • Identify volunteer/career education tracks
    • Potential use of Wisconsin Fire Academy (Volk Field/REACT Center)

4) Increase Membership (this is the result of the goal)

  • Evaluate corporate membership & tiered structure
  • Expand member benefits
    • Insurance
    • Preferred providers/affinity
    • Grant writing resource
    • Identify membership demographics (geographic, rank, size)

5) Accelerate Development of Sections

  • View other chiefs’ organizations around country to see how they operate their sections.
  • Develop section structure to be used with multiple organizations
  • Continue discussions on partnership activities with other organizations whenever possible.