Welcome to Green Bay

Welcome to Green Bay!
On behalf of the Mayor, City Council, Citizens and members of the Green Bay Metro Fire Department we want to welcome you to our proud city!  It has been 10 years since the Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs' Association has held our annual conference in Green Bay so we are excited for you to see the many changes and attractions that the city has to offer.

If you are bringing your family (and we hope that you are) I would highly suggest that your spouse and children spend a day out at the Bay Beach Amusement Park and the Wildlife Sanctuary.  Bay Beach offers a “throwback” entertainment experience of old time carnival rides that has been masterfully restored.  The featured ride is the world famous “Zippin Pippin” rollercoaster.   Rides at the park are between 25 cents and $1 and there are concession stands available around the park.  There are also areas available to make for the perfect picnic opportunity.  My children love the park and can spend a day there without breaking the proverbial bank!

While at the amusement park, take some time to walk across the street and visit the Wildlife Sanctuary.  Here you will find exotic animals as well as those that are native to Wisconsin including a pack of wolves.  There are hiking trails around the park that makes for a wonderful outdoor experience without any cost to enter.

The National Railroad Museum, Green Bay Botanical Gardens, Northeast Wisconsin Zoo, and Tundra Lodge waterpark are other attractions that are sure to bring enjoyment to the varying interests of our participants.

If you are arriving early to the conference, the City has a large Farmers Market held every Wednesday evening on Broadway Street.  This area is just across the river from the hotels and convention center within easy walking distance.  This market features farmers and crafters from around the area.  There is free entertainment located throughout the event.  The Farmer’s Market is repeated on Saturday morning on Washington Street which again is within walking distance of the hotels.

There will be additional entertainment information provided at the conference hotels with the concierge as the free summer lineup for music has not been published as I write this letter.  Rest assured that there is plenty do to at the end of the day when the conference program concludes.

We are obviously proud to be the home of the World Champion Green Bay Packers.  There are tours available throughout the day at Lambeau Field to see the behind the scene areas of the stadium.  The Packers Hall of Fame is also located there and you can stop in for a delicious meal or cold beverage at 1919 Kitchen and Tap as well.

We look forward to the President’s Reception at Lambeau Field on Saturday evening and hope that everyone will take advantage of this unique opportunity to celebrate this occasion in an iconic venue.

Our staff will be available throughout the conference to provide assistance to our guests in any way possible.  Feel free to stop by any of our eight fire stations during the course of your stay to say hello and enjoy a cup of “Joe” with our firefighters.

Once again, on behalf of the members of the Green Bay Metro Fire Department, and our partners in the Brown County Fire Chief’s Association, Welcome to Green Bay!

David W. Litton
Fire Chief