GBFD Historical Walks

Join the Green Bay Fire Department for a walking tour of the most important and prominent sites in the early history of the Green Bay Fire Department. Locations in downtown Green Bay, and adjoining neighborhoods, include former fire stations, sites of significant fires, as well as existing buildings that survived The Great Fire of 1880.

The walking tour is led by David Siegel, author of the book Forces of Change, Events That Led To The Development Of The Green Bay Fire Department, 1836-1895

Friday, June 23 at 6:00pm

  • Base tour: 2.4 miles, 24 locations, 2 hours
    • Optional additional west-side tour adds 1.3 miles, 3 more locations, and 1 hour
  • Start and end near KI Convention Center
  • $5 per person
  • Free with book purchase

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The fire station occupied the site along the three large windows adjacent to the theater.

Green Bay Fire Department fire station on South Washington Street in 1902. The city built the right half in 1868 and the left portion in 1883. This station served the volunteers until conversion to a full-time, paid agency in 1892. It became Station No. 1 and was torn down in 1929.