Welcome to Green Bay

Litton_Dave_web.pngWelcome to Green Bay!

On behalf of the Mayor, City Council, Citizens and members of the Green Bay Metro Fire Department we want to welcome you to our proud city! As they say “Practice Makes Perfect” and we are absolutely committed to making your experience in Green Bay even better than last year’s event. Yes, we did learn from our mistakes and are working very hard to make the conference as hassle free as possible.

Once again, if you are arriving early to the conference, the City has a large Farmers Market held every Wednesday evening on Broadway Street. This area is just across the river from the hotels and convention center within easy walking distance. This market features farmers and crafters from around the area. There is free entertainment located throughout the event. There are numerous food vendors and cold beverages available for you to enjoy as you make your way along Broadway. This is truly a very fun time and an enjoyable experience. The Farmer’s Market is repeated on Saturday morning on Washington Street. The Market begins on the corner of Washington Street and Walnut Avenue (about three blocks to the north of the KI Convention Center).

Friday evening, June 23rd is the beginning of Green Bay’s “Friday on the Fox” event. This is a free event located on the City Deck (along the river just north of Main Street). This event offers a free concert (the band is still to be determined at the time of this writing) along the river and food and beverages are available from Hagemeister Park Restaurant. It is always an enjoyable and relaxing evening listening to music and enjoying the riverfront atmosphere.

For those of you who are bringing children, Bay Beach Amusement Park is a city owned park that features 22 rides that are exciting for all ages. Located along the Bay of Green Bay, Bay Beach offers the nostalgic feel of the family owned amusement parks from years past. Traditional midway rides such as the Tilt-a-Whirl and the Scrambler, kiddie rides, and the Zippin Pippin roller coaster will provide the whole family with hours of fun. Tickets are only $.25 a piece with the most expensive ride coming in at only $1.00! Affordable concessions and free parking help to make this historical park a local favorite that won’t break the bank. Check out the Bay Beach website for directions and more information. www.baybeach.org

My wife, Martha, has been hard at work to arrange a unique, fun and interesting experience for all of the spouses. Thursday will once again feature a tour into Door County to visit a few different wineries with lunch along the way. This event was well attended last year. On Friday, the events will include a trip to Heritage Hill State Park, lunch at Chefusion (premier Green Bay restaurant) and finally over to the Green Bay Botanical Garden which will include a “walking wine tour”.  

We look forward to the President’s Reception at Lambeau Field on Saturday evening and hope that everyone will take advantage of this unique opportunity to celebrate this occasion in an iconic venue.

Our staff will be available throughout the conference to provide assistance to our guests in any way possible. Feel free to stop by any of our eight fire stations during the course of your stay to say hello and enjoy a cup of “Joe” with our firefighters.

Once again, on behalf of the members of the Green Bay Metro Fire Department, and our partners in the Brown County Fire Chief’s Association, Welcome back to Green Bay!

David W. Litton
Fire Chief