Candidates for WSFCA Board of Directors 2018

The following candidates are running for open positions on the Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs' Association Board of Directors (Click name to jump to profile):

Second Vice President (2018-2019 – one year term)

The 2nd Vice President has an automatic succession to 1st Vice President, President and then Past President. Total commitment is four years (until 2021).

Regional Trustees (2018-2021 – three year term) (region map)

Voting Procedure

This election will be done using an electronic balloting process. The advantage of this method is everyone who is eligible to vote, will be able to do so. You will be able to vote electronically at the Annual Conference this year.

  1. On May 22, all active and honorary members (not honorary associate or Company Officer) will receive an email from with your unique access key which can only be used to vote once and the link to submit your ballot.
  2. You may vote for one (1) 2nd Vice President and one (1) Regional Trustee in your respected region.
  3. Elections will close on June 23 at 3PM. The Nominations & Credentials Commitee will validate the election results and will provide the results at the Annual Meeting.
  4. If you do not receive an email with your unique voter ID by Tuesday, May 29, please contact Sandy Schueller at the WSFCA Business Office for assistance ( or 414-755-6291).

ARTICLE X – Elections

For all elected positions / offices for which there are two (2) or more candidates, the Nominating & Credentials Committee shall conduct an election by electronic ballot or in person as determined by the Board of Directors. The Nominating & Credentials Committee shall establish and approve safeguards required to maintain the integrity of the balloting process prior to initiation of any balloting. The Nominating & Credentials Committee and the WSFCA Management Company will prepare and send an electronic ballot to all association members eligible to vote. The electronic ballot shall be sent at least thirty (30) days prior to the WSFCA Annual Meeting. The Nominations & Credentials Committee will validate the election results and will provide those election results at the Annual Meeting.

The candidate receiving the most votes shall be declared the winner. Annual elections to the offices of Second Vice President, Treasurer, Regional Trustee and Sergeant-at-Arms shall be at the Annual Meeting of the Association.

ARTICLE V – Power To Vote

Each and every active and honorary member (not honorary associate or Company Officer) in good standing shall be entitled to vote. No member is considered in good standing unless annual dues are current.

Dean_David_Web.jpgName: Chief David Dean

Elected Position Sought: Southeast Regional Trustee

Reason for Seeking the Position: I enjoy the state fire chiefs organization and would like to step up and offer my time to sustain such a worthy cause. We can all accomplish more together.

Brief History in the Fire Service:

  • Current Position: Fire Chief
  • Department: Hartland Fire Department
  • Department Type: Combination

Other relevant fire service information: I joined the fire service in 1988 as a volunteer for the Stone Bank Fire Department. The fire service is such a unique group of individuals who give so much and care so much about their fellow firefighters, their family and community's, I wanted to lend a hand and be part of such a great group. I volunteered for the Ashippun Fire Department and gained more knowledge and experience. I was hired in Hartland as a fulltime EMT/Firefighter in 1995 under the direction of Allen (Augie) Wilde. I currently serve as Chief of the Hartland Fire Department where I enjoy every minute of everyday.

Garrison_Christopher_Web.jpgName: Chief Christopher Garrison

Elected Position Sought: 2nd Vice President

Reason for Seeking the Position: I feel I am a very progressive Fire Chief. I have a transformational leadership style that transcends in today's fire service. I want to work with the Association to bring modern leadership styles and trainings that are more appropriate to today's culture. I have a vested interest in creating a work environment in the firehouse that attracts new recruits and also promotes retention in the fire service. I want to help groom the future leaders in our industry. I am a very passionate firefighter, who promotes Community Fire Risk Reduction Programming (public education and fire prevention), but I still understand and embrace the tradition of what we do. I have brought many new programs to SPFD and would like to share our successes with other departments.  One in particular is a program that promotes the service with the youth and diversity.  This year marked its first year and was a great success with already plans to grow. 

 Brief History in the Fire Service:

  • Current Position: Fire Chief
  • Department: Sun Prairie Fire Department
  • Department Type: Combination

Other relevant fire service information: Chief Christopher Garrison, CFO. I was the recipient of the 2017 Wisconsin Fire Chief of the year Award by the Wisconsin Fire Inspectors Association. I have a diverse fire service background spanning over 29 years. I am the current Fire Chief of the Sun Prairie Fire Department and I was appointed 2 1/2 years ago as the first full time chief in the departments 126 year rich history. I began my career as a volunteer in my home town of Libertyville, Illinois. I served 21 years as a full-time firefighter/paramedic, Lieutenant/Training Officer/ Captain with The Lake Forest Fire Department spending the last 8 as a Deputy Fire Chief overseeing operations.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree from Southern Illinois University, and I am Certified Chief Fire Officer, designated by the Commission on Professional Credentialing. I have taught fire leadership courses for Oakton College in Illinois. In addition, I oversaw, and instructed the Technical Rescue Program for Gateway Technical College in Southern Wisconsin. I was the Lead Instructor for LCARTA Training Academy where I taught Technical Rescue, Advanced Firefighter & Auto Extrication. I have now joined the team at Madison College where I am enjoying working with new recruits and will be teaching Fire Instructor Courses.

I was instrumental in creating The Technical Rescue Response Teams in Lake & McHenry Counties in Illinois. I was the Team leader for 10 years overseeing 100 Technicians. I had the honor of being deployed to Hurricane Katrina and was also invited to speak at 2008 International Conference on Firefighting and Disaster Planning in South Korea.

Kesler_Web13.jpgName: Chief Keith Kesler

Elected Position Sought: Northwest Regional Trustee

Reason for Seeking the Position: Several years ago I served as a Trustee for the WSFCA. After taking several years off I would again like to serve the association and promote the changes that are being made to the board to more adequately represent the various regions of the state. Hopefully these changes will add strength and membership to the WSFCA by assuring statewide representation on the board. I will do everything I can to promote this new concept and make it a success. Being from a small unpaid volunteer department in the extreme northern part of the state I feel I bring diversity and an additional perspective to the board and the various agencies we work with. I have had the opportunity to work on and with numerous fire departments, state committees, the legislature, and state and federal agencies. I readily recognize there are different challenges faced by departments depending on their makeup and the community they serve. If selected I will consider it an honor and a privilege to serve and will do my best to find common ground and equally serve all those I represent.

Brief History in the Fire Service:

  • Current Position: Fire Chief
  • Department: Brule Fire Department
  • Department Type: Volunteer

Other relevant fire service information: I have been on the Brule Fire Department for 44 years, 40 of which serving as Fire Chief. I have worked with the Department of Natural Resources in the development of structural protection during wild land fires and served on their overhead team as a structural officer. I was one of the group of chiefs appointed to work with Wisconsin Emergency Management to develop and organize the hazardous materials teams in the early 90s and held the position of Team Leader for the HAZMAT Outreach Team stationed in Brule working in conjunction with the Superior Regional Hazardous Response Team. I served on one of the Department of Commerce 2% review committees and was on the original committees the Office of Justice Assistance established to develop the Regional Collapse Teams and Regional Law Enforcement Response teams. I was selected to serve on the Legislative Councils that rewrote the Emergency Management Statutes and prepared draft legislation for ongoing 911 funding. I have been an officer in the Douglas County Vacationland Fire and Emergency Association for 41 years and currently serve as vice president. I have severed on and currently chair the WISCOM subcommittee of the Interoperability Council. Being an unpaid volunteer chief I am employed by Douglas County, currently holding the position of Director of Emergency Management, Communications, and General Services. In that position combined with my responsibilities as fire chief, and a county fire officer I have responded to numerous emergencies. In addition to my normal fire chief responsibilities I have helped manage events ranging from pipeline leaks and tank fires at our local refinery, to the largest forest fire that has hit Wisconsin in over 30 years. With the help of my trusty staff we have dealt with many significant emergencies. Included were four that elevated to the level that we received Presidential Disaster Declarations.

Linzmeier_Web12.jpgName: Chief Glenn M. Linzmeier

Elected Position Saught: 2nd Vice President

Reason for Seeking the Position: I have a passion for the Fire and EMS service here in the State of Wisconsin, where I have found a wide range of differences from Madison to Superior. Over the past few years, I have realized that I need to give back to the organization that has been an important resource to me and to so many of my colleagues across the state. In taking sometime away for family and reflecting on life, I continually find I like to bring people together to work on issues and look for solutions on a large scale. Being a part of this great organization, I bring to you openness, honesty, integrity and accountability -- that our Fire and EMS services deserve today.

If given the opportunity to serve you, I will represent ALL of Fire and EMS services in the state.I won’t let you down, and will work with you on the issues that we need to address. I ask for your support, and look forward to meeting the challenges that lie ahead of us.

Brief History in the Fire Service:

  • Current Position: Fire Chief
  • Department: Oregon Area Fire/EMS District
  • Department Type: Combination

Other relevant fire service information: I began my fire service in the spring of 1984 with the Sherry Volunteer Fire Department in North Central Wisconsin. I come to you with 34 years of active fire service with 19 years as a Chief Officer. Over the years, I have not forgotten where I came from and have learned from my past experiences. I have had the pleasure of serving a few communities like: Blooming Grove where I served as there Fire Chief for 17 years. Shortly thereafter I volunteered my time with City of Monona Fire Department where I served as an Assistant Chief of Operations and Training for 18 months. Currently I serve as the Fire Chief for the Oregon Area Fire/EMS District, where I have again found a community that I like to pour in many hours a week to work at. I continue to report for fire calls in the middle of the night and work with the four communities in which I serve. I have served on numerous Fire and EMS committees and boards over thelast few years. I will continue supporting the fire service until I’m no longer able to do so.I still today believe in helping the neighbor out just like we did back in 1984, with a barn fire or tornado. That’s what we do and that’s why I got into this business of firefighting.

Manning_Peter_web.jpgName: Chief Peter Manning

Elected Position Saught: East Central Regional Trustee

Reason for Seeking the Position: Since joining the Fire Service in 2006, I have dedicated myself to advancing and learning as much as possible. I believe we need to be progressive and constantly explore and examine what and how we work. I have been a member of the WSFCA for eight years and I feel the time is right for me to give back to the organization and help where I can.

Brief History in the Fire Service:

  • Current Position: Fire Chief
  • Department: Neosho Fire Department
  • Department Type: Volunteer

Other relevant fire service information: 

  • State Certified Fire 1 & 2
  • State Certified Officer 1 & 2
  • State Certified Inspector
  • State Certified Instructor
  • State Certified D/O
  • State Certified Aerial
  • Emergency Service Instructor with Moraine Park Technical

StMartin_Web.jpgName: Chief Scott St.Martin

Elected Position Saught: West Central Regional Trustee

Reason for Seeking the Position: Try to help represent this side of the state and pass on information.


Brief History in the Fire Service:

  • Current Position: Fire Chief
  • Department: City of Hudson Fire Department
  • Department Type: Combination

Other relevant fire service information: