Proposed Bylaws Amendments

At the 2016 Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs' Association (WSFCA) Annual Business Meeting there was a motion to create an Ad Hoc Committee to explore term limits and the Board structure of the WSFCA. This Ad Hoc Committee has prepared three proposals for amendments to the WSFCA Bylaws. The WSFCA Board of Directors has reviewed and approved the proposed amendments for presentation to the WSFCA membership.

Proposal 1

This proposal relates to the introduction of electronic voting.

The advantage of electronic voting is to allow WSFCA members the opportunity to review candidate positions, and every member, in good standing, will be able to vote. At present, members are at a disadvantage if they do not attend the Annual Meeting and the majority of the membership does not get to vote. These proposed amendments to the Bylaws will create greater transparency in the election process and a more inclusive and representative electorate.

[Download Bylaws Amendments Proposal 1]

(Side note: This proposal if passed would not become effective until the 2018 election process. In-person voting at the annual conference would still be allowed but proxy voting would be eliminated as members not attending would have access via electronic voting.)

Proposal 2

This proposal relates to membership and restructuring of the Executive Board.

This proposal defines Division Chiefs to the list of Chief Officers and allows Company Officers to become members. In addition, it expands the Board of Directors to six (6) Regional Trustees and three (3) Appointed Trustees. The Regional Trustees would be an elected position based on geographic region of the State. The Appointed Trustees would be appointed by the President annually and must include a Career Chief, Volunteer/Paid-on-Call Chief and Combination Chief. These proposed amendments to the Bylaws will create a broader representation of the WSFCA membership across the State, not only geographically, but by department type.

[Download Bylaws Amendments Proposal 2]

(Side note: This proposal if passed would not become effective until the 2018 election process. If passed, these positions would result in Regional Trustees being elected during the 2018 election process with staggered terms. The three appointed Trustees will be phased in as current Board Members terms expire.)

Proposal 3

This proposal relates to the membership dues rates if Proposal 2 is approved adding a Active Company Officers membership category.

[Download 2018 Membership Dues Rates Proposal]

(Side Note: There are no changes to the membership dues rates in other categories.)

Informational Session

Please review the proposed Bylaws amendments by clicking the buttons for each proposal above. A vote to accept these proposed amendments will be held at the Business Meeting during Annual Conference on Sunday, June 25.

There will be an informational session for members to ask questions about the Bylaws amendments and electronic voting proposal on Tuesday, June 13 at 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. No RSVP is required.

(877) 594-8353
Participant Pass Code: 872-890-38#

If you have any questions about these proposed amendments and are unable to attend one of the two informational sessions, please contact Chief Timothy A. Bantes (Chair of the Ad-Hoc Restructuring Committee) at 920-832-6050 or