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Latest Stories

January 8th
PHOTO: Police confirm this morning's fire in Racine killed an elderly woman in her home. Neighbors identified the woman as Madeline Christiansen, 77, and said she relied on oxygen to help her everyday breathing. Police wouldn't comment on that information…
January 8th
VIDEO: A 90-year-old Manitowoc man, removed from a burning home on the city’s south side on Tuesday evening, died after attempts to resuscitate him at a local hospital were unsuccessful, according to Dr. Jeffrey Schroeder, Manitowoc County chief deputy co…
January 8th
Appleton firefighters battled a business fire and the cold Monday evening. The extreme temperatures caused the water pump on a fire engine to freeze up in about 10 minutes Monday while crews worked to extinguish a machine fire at Appvion located at 825 Ea…
January 8th
woman sustained serious burns Tuesday evening, Jan. 7th in a mobile home fire at the court off Division Street. south of Hwy. 12 in Roberts. Firefighters from Roberts-Warren, New Richmond, United Fire-Baldwin and River Falls responded to the fire call of …
January 8th
The city is close to finalizing labor agreements with all three of the unions that represent city employees. Agreements with the unions that represent local firefighters and public works employees were recommended by the city’s Human Resources Committee l…
January 7th
VIDEO: Imagine being forced out of bed in the middle of the night into dangerously cold temperatures, with little clothing and cover. That was a reality for Kanisha Williams after she and her family were displaced by an early morning fire at a home near 7…
January 7th
A gas leak in Black Creek on Monday prompted an hour-long evacuation of all residents who lived north of Railroad Street. After residents in the north end of the village reported hissing from a substation near Willow and Clark streets around 6:30 p.m., of…
January 7th
A woman was rescued from a car Sunday after it crashed through a rail and hung over the edge of a bridge. Town of Raymond Fire and Rescue Department personnel arrived at the scene to find the front half of “a car hanging off the edge of the side of the br…
January 6th
Even with the warnings to stay out of the cold, some people have no choice. Firefighters still have to answer calls when temps drop to dangerous levels. The Onalaska Fire Department says hypothermia is a big risk at times like these and they have their fi…
January 6th
VIDEO: With a Wind Chill Warning in effect on Monday, January 6th and extending into Tuesday afternoon, emergency responders were ready and waiting for anyone who might need medical attention as a result of the bitter cold. The Milwaukee Fire Department o…