Program Overview

Program History

The Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs' Association (WSFCA) Mentoring Program was initially discussed during WSFCA's 2011 Strategic Planning process. Following this discussion, the conceptual program was supported and identified in 2012 as a key component of the strategic plan by the members of the WSFCA Board of Directors. The Membership Committee worked diligently to develop this program. Members of the Membership Committee that participated in the development of the Mentorship Program included: Chief Jim Schmidt (Chair), Chief Timothy Bantes, Cynthia Brun, Chief Jon Cohn and Michelle Strauss. The WSFCA Mentoring Program foundation was built upon established mentoring programs including the Missouri Valley Division of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, Center for Public Safety Excellence, and the mentoring program template provided by the Northwest Regional Education Laboratory. The Mentoring Program was publicly unveiled to members of the WSFCA in the first quarter of 2013.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs' Association (WSFCA) Mentoring Program is to provide an opportunity for new Wisconsin Fire Chiefs to develop a trusting relationship with an experienced Fire Chief with extensive knowledge in areas related to the position of Fire Chief.

Vision Statement

WSFCA Mentoring Program will serve as a catalyst to raise the standard of leadership among the Fire Chiefs in Wisconsin.


  • To provide motivation, guidance, and enhancement of leadership and problem solving skills through mentoring.
  • To cultivate creative and dynamic relationships between mentors and mentees with similar organizational structure.
  • To establish a professional relationship with accountability and responsibility from mentor and mentee as identified by the mentee application.
  • To determine the overall effectiveness of the mentor relationship by the use of surveys by both the mentor and mentee.