NFA Wisconsin State Weekend


Now is the time for the Fire & EMS community to embrace the future and improve our education through the 7th annual NFA Wisconsin State Weekend located at the Wisconsin Emergency Services Academy.

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Decision Making for Initial Company Operations (F0457)

This two-day course is designed to develop the decision making skills needed by Company Officers (COs) to accomplish assigned tactics at structure fires. All activities and scenarios used in this course are based on structure fires. With the real possibility of being the first to arrive at an incident, the CO’s initial decisions will have an impact throughout the entire incident. It is vital that COs be able to make good management decisions that have a favorable impact on the eventual outcome. In addition to a possible role as the initial Incident Commander, the CO may well be assigned a subordinate position within the Incident Command System organization. COs need to have a clear understanding of the system, the position that they are assigned to, and their role in the organization if they are to function effectively and help make the system work.

Introduction to Unified Command for All-Hazard Incidents (F0609)

This two-day course is designed to provide Company Officers (COs) with a better understanding of multiagency needs and a Unified Command structure. This course will provide the attendees with an understanding of the requirements of a Unified Command organization and provide learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate effectively in complex incidents.

Leadership is Supervision: Frameworks to Success (F0648)

This two-day course provides the supervisor with the knowledge and skills to perform successfully in the fire and Emergency Medical Services environments. The course addresses professionalism, resilience, emotional intelligence, and situational awareness, as well as managing conflict, delegating mentoring, coaching, empowering, and building collaboration and synergy for professional growth.

New Fire Chief: Contemporary Issues (F0762)

This two-day course will develop the managerial skills, leadership skills, and contemporary issues and awareness necessary for newly appointed or elected fire chiefs to effectively meet their obligations. This course will help to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for them to perform effectively now and in the future.


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October 19-21, 2018

Max Class Size:

30 per class


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