Membership Levels

The Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs' Association, Inc., (WSFCA) has three levels of membership:

  • Active Members: $95
    Chief and Chief Officers, including Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief, or Battalion Chief or other management level positions as endorsed by the Fire Chief, of a state of Wisconsin or federally recognized fire department in the State of Wisconsin.
  • Associate Members: $95
    Individuals interested in the goals and objectives of the Association who do not qualify for active membership. Associate Members are entitled to all the privileges of the Association except the right to vote and the right to hold office.
  • Active Life Members (Retired): $25
    Members of more than five (5) years active membership in the WSFCA and have retired shall be eligible for Active Life Member status. Members requesting Active Life Membership shall apply in writing to the Business Office and include years of service and years of membership on the request. The business office will circulate requests to the Board of Directors for approval.

To apply, please download and complete the membership application or click here to register today.